How to plan and apply for hiking permit in Taiwan

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April 2023 New Update and New Trail Applications: Zhuilu Old Trail and Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trails!

Are you planning high mountain hikes but need clarification on the application process?

Do you want to plan your high mountain hikes but need help figuring out where to start?

Here you can find:

  • Things you need to know about how to apply for permits for the 5 most popular high mountains, including Yushan/Jade Mountain and Xueshan/Snow Mountain.
  • When to apply and what to do
  • Get a brief suggested itinerary for each trail.
  • A hiking plan with emergency contact and vital medical information reminder in case things happen.
  • Updates.

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Last updated Jun 22, 2023

You'll get a Notion link and learn how to apply for permits, an individual page with a schedule, and an itinerary to hike 5 most popular high mountains in Taiwan.

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How to plan and apply for hiking permit in Taiwan

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